Termite Control

The Type of termite that we encounter in this portion of the country is the subterranean termite. Because of their cryptic nature, structural infestations of subterranean termites are usually not visible. Most people become aware of an infestation when annual flights of winged termites (called alates or swarmers) occur in structures. After a brief flight, the alates drop to the ground and shed their wings. Females begin to search for potential nesting sites such as moist soil near wood, and males follow closely behind. The pair forms a royal chamber in a moist site near wood and begin laying eggs, thus starting the life cycle of a subterranean termite colony.

Individuals hatched from eggs (called larvae) molt into workers. Some workers may molt into the soldier caste or become alates by molting first into alate nymphs. Some workers or nymphs are capable of becoming supplementary reproductives and take over the role of queen or king if and when a primary reproductive dies or is distanced from part of the colony. It may take five to 10 years for a single pair of alates to form a mature colony that produces alates.

Many other companies use termite control programs that only rely on termite baiting to control the termites, which in its self may take a long time to work. At Sound Shore Pest Control we utilize the "Whitmire Advance Termite Bait System" together with a comprehensive program that include liquids, and conducive condition control to rapidly eliminate your termite problem. If you are having a problem with termites, call us and we will customize a program for you that will eliminate the termites quickly and at a reasonable cost.